the Johnny Cash Project

Website Terms of Service

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained on this site:

1. You are the creator here. As a creator, you are granted rights by United States copyright law. We want to respect your creativity and those rights, by asking you for as little as we can to make our project possible.

2. Respect for the creator whose work you are remixing requires that we first make clear that nothing that you, or we, will do gives either you, or us, rights to the underlying video frames. The rights to those are retained by the copyright owners of those frames. They have given us the right to run this project only if we expressly acknowledge that they retain the right to control the subsequent use of those frames.

3. Respect for our project requires that you give us the right to use your creative work (the “Created Frames”) for our project. In particular, the lawyers require that you expressly grant us the non-exclusive right to use the created frames in any manner in perpetuity on a gratis basis.

4. By granting us non-exclusive rights, you also retain the right to exploit your Created Frames in any way you'd like, consistent with your grant to us, subject to one thing we are asking you not to do: We need you to promise that you won’t combine multiple Created Frames (created by you or others) for exploitation as moving images. Beyond that single promise to us, you're free to sell your work, or share it, or invite others to remix it, or whatever. In doing so, please keep in mind that we are not able to give you what lawyers call “the rights to Johnny Cash’s image or likeness.” If your Created Frames were made from video frames with Johnny Cash’s image or likeness you may also need permission from the Johnny Cash Estate.

5. Unfortunately, there is another exception to these rules. Our contracts with the rights holders for Johnny Cash: Ridin the Rails (frame numbers 35-111, 762-784, 933-967, 1274-1319) and archival footage frame numbers 3-28, 644-665 and 723-739 have not given us the permission to allow you the same rights. They require that you transfer all rights to anything you create based on those frames to us. We are sorry about this restriction.

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